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BiO Selector JahMon


World Music Show every Tuesday 6-8PM GMT


Music came into my life at a very young age…. When 6 or 7 I was fascinated by my dad’s big reel tapedeck and especially the fluorescent VU meters responding to the music.


Reggae was not in his selection but world music was and I’ve always been interested in travelling, discovering cultures and their music.


Some of the first reggae I heard was “Amigo” by Black Slate and got the pleasure to meet the band members and stay with Anthony Brightly in Antigua a few years back.


For my friends I started to make music mixes…. I was fortunate to have good Marantz equipment and and equaliser…. And my friends appreciated how my mixes sounded richer


Reggae is one of my main genres but I also listen to Latin, Rai/Arabic, African, Jazz…


In 2013 I got the opportunity to join PR agency Entertainment Works and work with artists like Triston Palma, Ras Midas, Ricky Chaplin, Winston Francis, Vernon Maytone and many more.


When working for these artists I got in contact with Haji Mike (artist and radio presenter) ….

After some time, he asked me “Why don’t you do radio yourself?”

My response “I don’t know the first thing about radio and I don’t like to hear my own voice”.

He said “But you know a thing or two about reggae and music in general… right?”.

I couldn’t deny that and his best advice was “just give it a try, do it in your own style, don’t imitate any other DJs”…. And so I did…


My first radio show was in 2014 and I knew I wanted to start from the roots of the roots so I interviewed Samuel Time Williams of Mystic Revelation of RastaFari (son of Count Ossie). Since then, I’ve had the pleasure and honour to interview many artists, musicians, writers ….

Unfortunately some have passed away since but my mission to tell their stories and share their music continues…

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